General Contractors In The Rancho Cucamonga Area

If you live in the Rancho Cucamonga area and need any kind of residential construction performed — from kitchen renovations to home additions — give us a call. We’ll transform your home to make it more beautiful, more up-to-date, more functional, more energy-efficient. Whatever your goals for your home renovation project may be, GreenTek is the Rancho Cucamonga general contractor to get it done for you.

What a Residential Contractor Can Do for Your Home

A skilled general contractor takes control of the project, bringing together the materials and the professionals to get the job done efficiently. Why would you hire a lot of small subcontractors at once when the contractor can do it for you, making sure that none of the subcontractors interfere with the others’ work? We will ensure that the space looks great when we’re done with the project, and will do our best to help you make your vision for your renovation or addition come to life.

Show us a design that you made on your own, or talk with us about what is possible, and we’ll share ideas that we have for your space. This is a collaborative effort that we’ll work on together before the building ever starts. If you do not like the design, we’ll make changes until it is perfect. This step ensures that we don’t waste time, money or materials on misunderstandings.

How Long Does A Build Last?

How long it takes to complete your project depends on the size and scope of the home renovation or addition. However, when you choose GreenTek Construction Inc, you get a small but experienced team that oversees all aspects of the project. That means that we’re much more able to keep your renovation on time and on budget.

Our no obligation, free quotes give you a clear picture of how much the work will cost, and we’re very upfront about how long it will take and what you should expect.

Home Additions

Need an extra room for your kids as they grow, or for guests to come visit? A home that seemed big enough when you moved in often seems a lot smaller as your family grows and your needs change. Or you might want to add or renovate a home office that’s more conducive to productivity and more impressive to guests.

Home and office additions are an easy way to get the extra space you need without the need for a move. They are also a great way to add value and curb appeal to your home. We’ll be happy to help you with a design that fits in with your current design aesthetic, or that updates it.

Home and Small Office Renovations

Don’t want to add new space? You can still make the most of the space you already have. Renovations in your home or office can help make the space look beautiful even though you are not expanding.

If you have a small office, we can renovate it to look more up to date, to add space, or to make better use of the space you have. You’ll impress customers and improve employee morale with an office that looks newer and fresher.

There is no reason to live or work in a space that looks like it came from another decade, and it can be difficult and daunting to try doing it yourself. Let the contractor do all the work, and allow us to show you how modern the space can appear.

When you upgrade your home, the value goes up. When you upgrade your office or home office, you impress your clients. Little changes make a big difference when you would like your home or office to become a place that you love to spend time in and people love to visit.

Roofing Services in Rancho Cucamonga and More

In addition to our interior home renovations, we’re also known for our roofing services — including residential roofing and roof restoration. Greentek Construction Inc. can also install siding, solar panels, windows, gutters and more. It really makes sense to call us first when you’re looking into Rancho Cucamonga general contractors for just about any kind of project!

The best part of renovating or building is that you can hire someone specifically for the job who has gotten to know you, your family, and your business. You can talk to our home renovation experts — people who do this kind of work every day — and you can have a talk with them about what you want to accomplish and how much you want to spend.

Why Choose GreenTek Construction Inc?

Everyone is on a budget, has a plan, and needs a contractor who does the best work. We are a smaller team that works quickly and efficiently, and can often meet the prices quoted by larger construction firms. We have worked with everything from smaller homes to larger homes and multi-level business complexes, so we are ready to take on whatever you need to be done.

Even better, we don’t take money upfront. With our home improvement solutions, you could defer the cost of your project for up to 30 years — time that you can get much more enjoyment out of your home or office and benefit from our quality work.

From remodeling a small bathroom to building an addition to your home, we offer a full range of home improvement and general contractor services in Rancho Cucamonga and the surrounding areas. Plus, we offer a lifetime guarantee on our high-quality work. Contact us today to tell us about your residential remodeling needs and let us give you a free, no-obligation quote.