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Need a little more space for your growing family? Maybe you’re looking to add a comfortable guest suite for your favorite visitors or a safe and private mother-in-law dwelling for your aging parents? Whatever your need for accessory dwelling units may be, GreenTek Construction can handle your home addition with style and quality.

Accessory dwelling units can be added to your property at any time, but you must have them built by a contractor who understands how to complete a job like this in an efficient and affordable manner. When you are ready to start this process, you must speak to someone who can provide you with a design, an estimate, and who can do the work quickly. Each step in this process is listed below.

What Are Accessory Dwelling Units?

Accessory dwelling units are spaces where you can house people on your property. You may have a guest house or pool house built near your home, or you could put employee housing on your property if you run a facility that needs someone on premises 24/7. You must have buildings made that are good for living, but to get the best value from your build, you also need to construct something that is not as expensive as a regular house. Think of these units like a cabin or a little house that you might stay in when you are on vacation. Also, ask the contractor what they think they would do if they were in your position. We might have some ideas you haven’t thought of!

How Much Land Do You Have?

Consult with us about how much land you have so that you can plan a building that is the right size. You need space for a number of things including electrical and water connections. A qualified general contractor like GreenTek Construction can help you with determining these things, and will let you know if they have any reservations about how much room you have and how you plan to use it.

The Design Of The Space

You might need a mother in law suite, a guest house, or a pool house because you want to let someone else stay on your property. If you wanted to make a direct addition to the house, you can ask for something that allows the in-laws or a family member to live independently. You could have special dwellings made for your employees, or you could have a little house built outside your office if you run the company. It all depends on what you want, but you should also take the advice of the contractor so that you get the best results.

Ask For An Estimate

Feel free to ask for an estimate that will explain how much it costs to get the work done. We ask for a lot of information upfront so we can give you a quote that is as accurate as possible — and avoid expensive problems later.

We work according to your home improvement budget. Some people only have so much to spend, but others have a more flexible budget. Let your contractor know what your maximum spend is so that we can be sure to work within that number. Most people who are getting contracting work done need a solid estimate that will turn into a contract. Never allow yourself to be surprised.

The estimate also becomes your template for the job. You can follow along with the estimate, and you might ask your contractor questions because you want to know what they are doing next. This little bit of information sets your mind at ease.

Designs to Match Your Home

You should match your design to the house or office that the units are attached to. You can build your accessory dwelling unit to look like a mini version of your home if you want to make a guest house, or you could have an addition built that looks almost exactly the same as the design of the house. People who come to the house or the office will feel like it has always been designed like this, and all you need to do is ask for a design that shows how these new spaces will look.

How Long Does Building Accessory Dwelling Units Take?

When we give you an estimate for building accessory dwelling units, we do our best to give you an accurate picture of how long it will take as well as what it will cost. There are often certain things that are out of our control — such as if you have bad weather in the area that causes work to slow down. Plus, you must let your contractor handle things like gas lines and water pipes that must be added or extended.

When you ask for a timeline on the job, this is merely an estimate. Your contractor cannot give you the exact timeline because that would be unfair to you and them. However, we pride ourselves on working quickly and honoring your time and budget. We stand by our high-quality work with a lifetime guarantee.

Choose GreenTek Construction Inc. for your Rancho Cucamonga accessory dwelling units, and we will help you save money on a space that is perfect for the in-laws, the employees of your business, or for guests that want to stay with you. You can build any structure that you want, or you could have something beautiful added to your home or office that makes every new guest feel comfortable and welcome. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation estimate.