Get More Out of Your Garage with Rancho Cucamonga Garage Conversion Services

Need more space, but you don’t have room to build? It might make sense to do something different with a structure you already have — namely, your garage. With our garage conversion services, GreenTek Construction can take space you may not be using (or are under-using) and turn it into attractive living space, office space and more.

The number one reason homeowners convert the garage into living space is that it is relatively inexpensive to make more room. If you can park in your driveway or you have another parking space, remodeling your garage into a more user-friendly room makes sense. Is your garage messy and cluttered? You may not know it, but there might be plenty of room in it to create some living space. It might be worth a weekend to clean it out and see what you have to work with.

Garage Conversion Ideas

Depending on the size of your garage, you have a lot of options to consider. A garage remodel can be many rooms, and your local planning department may dictate many of your choices. We can help you with the permits and coming up with some garage transformation ideas.

One common conversion is a playroom for kids. As a family grows and children get older, they get louder and need more space. Making a game room where they can hang out with friends, watch TV, and listen to music moves them out of the main house into their own space. With a game room, kids can get some freedom, but you still know where they are.

Dens are another popular remodel request. If you do not have anywhere to pay bills or do computer work, a den is a perfect solution. Or how about a “man cave” where you can watch the game with friends?

A garage can also become a home office. It’s a handy way to do work, but also keep work separate from your family life. If you have a big family or have frequent visitors, turning the garage into a guest room can save them from having to sleep on the couch or rent a hotel.

It’s important to note, though, that not all garages can be turned into sleeping quarters. There are several safety factors, such as windows and exits, that must be addressed before turning a garage into a bedroom.

Cost of Garage Conversion

The cost of turning a garage into a room is less expensive than adding an addition. Sometimes there is not enough property to add-on another room, and in those cases, having a garage to make into livable space could be the ultimate solution. Additions require a foundation, walls, and a roof, which the garage already has. The permits for adding on square footage may cost more, and the property tax assessor may see the enlarged footprint as an opportunity to increase your taxes. When you get a free estimate on garage conversion from us, we’ll tell you all the expenses and time that will be involved.

Adding Value (without Adding More Floor Space)

Having more usable space inside is often a plus for many of today’s buyers. When you need to sell, having the conversion can bring in more buyers as long as they have enough room to park elsewhere.

The Garage Conversion Process

We can handle all the steps needed to convert a garage, and we will evaluate if your structure will be easy to change. Some of the things we consider are the walls and electricity. New wiring will need to sit behind drywall. If the walls are block or concrete, we may be able to work with them or another wall when wiring in power.

You will want the new room to be comfortable, so we can see about piping into your existing heating and cooling system. Another option would be to install a smaller unit just for the extra space. The nice thing about a separate unit is you can shut it off and save power when the room is not in use.

You must have windows and doors in the new space, and we can install them for you. We can take a look at the existing structure, and our contractors could determine where they could easily be worked in. You may be able to keep the garage door and build the room behind it provided you put in another exit and windows for safety reasons.

Keeping up the garage doors means the outside will not look different than the rest of the neighborhood, and you will not have to pay for new siding. Taking down the door and siding the area so that it blends in with the rest of the house is an option, and it gives us a place to install a main door, which could be used for the office entrance.

You’ll be amazed at all the things your garage can become. Contact us today for a free, no obligation estimate on our Rancho Cucamonga garage conversion services!