Get More Out of Your Existing Home with Rancho Cucamonga Home Additions

Adding onto an existing house is often a better option than moving. If a room addition fits on your lot and remains in the planning department’s setback rules, there are benefits to this type of home improvement project. We can offer you home addition ideas and solutions to increase your square footage. Our remodelers are experts when it comes to planning a home addition.

Reasons to Add Onto A House

One of the biggest reasons that homeowners choose a room addition over any other plan is because it is often the most cost-effective way to add extra space. At first, many people investigate moving when they need more room to spread out. Moving can be expensive, and it can take you away from the neighborhood that you love.

A growing family is a common condition that makes a family pursue adding on. Once a family gets established in a school district, it can be hard to move. If the only reason you would ever even think about moving is to get more space, a bonus room could solve all of your problems.

Aging parents or grandparents is another reason add-ons are becoming popular. Today’s seniors are living longer, and sometimes, they need a little assistance. Moving them into your home can help them avoid assisted living costs, and they get to remain active.

Working from home is an alternative today because of computers and the internet. Some individuals may want to build an office setting where they can work without being disturbed. A small addition off the side of your house can be the perfect solution.

A new phenomenon that is changing the way homes are configured is the room rental market. New businesses have cropped up that make renting out parts of your home easy and a way to make additional income. Adding a room to use as a rental can be another source of income, and it can be set up so that it doesn’t interfere with your lifestyle.

Home Additions GreenTek Construction Offers

The team at GreenTek Construction Inc. can design and build several types of bonus rooms and add-ons. If you are looking to add more family or living space, we can extend your current living room.

Another option would be to add a new family room, separate from the living room. A family room is a place where kids play games, watch TV, and generally hang out. Living rooms are for formal gatherings where adults meet and visit. If you need more space for these types of activities, GreenTek can work with your existing floor plan to make the addition flow.

When creating a space for aging people, we understand there are special features to work into the room. Step-downs can be dangerous, so if the room is going to be a space for an older person, it should be level. Doorways should be wide. If your loved one ever needs to use a walker or wheelchair, the door setup will already be in place. Depending on the situation, having an exterior door can make the room feel like a house, and it can leave the individual with more of an independent feeling.

Office space created off the original house may need a much different setup than a bonus room. Today’s offices need lots of power, so having multiple outlets across the wall is necessary. Including more power, the space will need adequate climate control because the equipment will generate heat. If clients will be stopping by, having a separate entrance keeps the workspace professional.

You may have rented a room or house on your recent vacation. It is becoming a trendy way for homeowners to use extra space, and travelers get some rest at a fair price. A bedroom with a separate entrance can make some extra income when you need it.

Room Additions Add Value to Your Home

Adding square footage to a house is one way to increase its value. But not all home additions are created equal: We can construct the addition stylishly so that it does not look like a box stuck on the side of your home!

These bonus rooms are so versatile that it opens up the type of buyer that might be interested in your property when it comes time to sell. Here at GreenTek, we can help you plan out the best design for your situation, help you calculate a budget, and build the bonus room of your dreams. Contact us today for a free estimate on our Rancho Cucamonga home additions.